When I started working at the Sitka Conservation Society, it was agreed that our organization and website were in need of a brand refresh. With input from our staff and board, I updated the logo, colors, and typography. Working with local web designer Alyssa Russell, we redesigned our organization's website to provide a more immersive experience that shared SCS's organizational values and mission with stunning images of Southeast Alaska places and communities.

This website was published in 2023 using Nationbuilder, which the Conservation Society uses for CRMs, membership and donation management, and more.
Above: the previous iteration of SCS's website and logo.
The new logo was designed to honor the one consistent element of SCS’s branding for nearly 30 years: the bear and deer track among the footprint, signifying our place and responsibility within the larger ecosystem. I took the tracks out of the rectangular border and into a more organic shape one may find in a forest ecosystem. 

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