The following calendars are from 2018 and 2019. Find the 20202021, and 2022 calendars here.
An integral part of my role at the Sitka Conservation Society is being the project manager and graphic designer for the annual calendar. Each year's calendar serves as the annual report for  the Conservation Society, sharing the work they've done in their mission to protect the Tongass National Forest and support the development of sustainable communities in Southeast Alaska. This calendar is an integral part of their storytelling to members, funders, and partners, highlighting work and sharing voices across the region involved and impacted by this work. It also serves as an important recruitment and membership tool for the organization.

Over the past several years, I have worked on these calendars – first as an intern setting up the page layout draft, then as a contracted Graphic Designer and project leader, organizing the content, redesigning the calendar, choosing the photos, and overseeing the production of the calendar, then as a full-time member of the team as the Communications and Outreach Coordinator, where I began taking a leadership role over the written content as well, editing and writing many of the pieces, while also working with contributors. 

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